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JPS creating workplace safety culture for investor confidence

Electricity companies that prioritize safety compliance are becoming increasingly important in the global economy, as the risks associated with non-compliance can be severe, both financially and in terms of public safety.

Speaking at the Jamaica Public Service Company’s (JPS) inaugural National Utility Pole Line Safety Conference in Kingston on Tuesday (April 18), President of JAMPRO Shullette Cox highlighted the link between safety compliance, global competitiveness rankings, economic growth, and Jamaica’s ability to attract investments.

Commending JPS for its move towards creating a national safety culture, Cox pointed to the positive ripple effects not just from a company performance standpoint, but for the country as well.

“JAMPRO has a vested interest in JPS and lauds this initiative which contributes to attracting investments. We provide support by engaging investors who will look to ensure their investment is in a safety-compliant entity. These investments in return will enhance the business and operational environments and the role an entity like JPS plays to help Jamaica’s competitiveness ranking to improve. Many investors are also looking to invest in companies that are committed to safety compliance as they are often seen as more stable and reliable investments,” explained Cox.

By implementing robust safety measures, and emphasizing a commitment to sustainability, electricity companies can position themselves as attractive investment opportunities for socially responsible investors looking to support companies with a strong safety track record.

With the staging of the first National Utility Pole Line Safety Conference, the JPS has taken the lead, in supporting Jamaica’s competitiveness in this area. Held on April 18, celebrated as National Linesmen Appreciation Day across the globe, the conference saw hundreds of pole line workers, including JPS workers and third-party contractors, gathering to be empowered on how to prioritize safety. The goal was to raise awareness about the need to prevent accidents and promote workplace safety while highlighting the importance of following safety rules and regulations and taking necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

Organised by JPS’ Engineering department under the theme ‘Climbing Towards Collaboration and Safety’, the conference featured several speakers including the Minister of Science, Energy & Technology Daryl Vaz, and JPS Chief Operating Officer Gary Barrow.

“We can create a safer environment for ourselves and those around us. But safety measures are not just a matter of following rules and regulations but also about adopting a safety culture as a way of life. Despite our policy of applying rules and procedures to promote the accident-free performance of duties, we have had accidents recently that should not have happened. Fatalities and injuries that could have been avoided. It was against this backdrop that this conference was conceptualized, to bring awareness to the importance of safety and to ensure that every person goes home to their family unharmed from a hard day’s work,” asserted Barrow.

The event brought together various stakeholders to provide resources to amplify safety, including education and certification as well as funding and financing options to get the relevant tools and resources to effectively operate safely.

JPS Senior Vice President of Generation Joseph Williams highlighted the importance of a conference of this nature. “An initiative such as this is critical, especially now, to align all the stakeholders to lift the standard of safety performance among all. A conference done in this manner promotes collaboration for all parties. We’re also ensuring that the operational leaders have the right knowledge to ensure that this can happen and so that it can be transformative on all levels.”

Commenting on the next steps for this initiative and safety promotion led by the JPS, Williams said, “We’re on a drive to improve and transform the safety culture in JPS. The focus is not only on our employees but also on our third-party contractors critical to operations and also our contractors.”

“What we want to do is have one standard so when you see JPS workers out there in the field you can’t differentiate between the standards of employees and third-party contractors. This is just the beginning, and we’ll continue with these sorts of engagements both in settings like these and on a daily basis,” he added. 

Source Loop Jamaica News

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