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5 Trends Defining the Customer Experience

In today’s fiercely competitive market, the customer experience (CX) has emerged as the ultimate game-changer, holding the power to determine the fate of brands and their commercial success. CX, often referred to as the customer’s holistic journey with a brand or business, encompasses every interaction and touchpoint that shapes their perception and satisfaction. To deliver an exceptional customer journey, a meticulously crafted CX strategy is essential. Stay ahead of the curve by considering these 5 influential trends in CX that can enlighten and guide your strategic approach: 


1. The Omnichannel Customer Experience

Interactions with your company can take place across a number of channels and spaces – by phone, text, or email, on websites and social media platforms or in store. A successful omnichannel customer experience means streamlining all those customer touchpoints to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience. According to Worldpay Research omnichannel shoppers spend between 50% – 300% more than single channel shoppers.  Investment in this holistic approach to customer engagement is expected to increase. Indeed, drawing from customer experience insights from 250 enterprise leaders across the US and Europe, the Digital Customer Experience Priorities in 2023  survey conducted by TELUS international, in partnership with Statista, found that roughly a third of companies will increase their digital CX by 25%. 


2. The Rise of AI and Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots are helping businesses to automate some of their customer service functions, reducing costs while also creating a 24/7 customer service experience that frees up customer representatives to concentrate on the most complex queries or issues. Thanks to chatbots, customers’ can get prompt responses to their queries and solutions to minor issues in real time. Furthermore, by analysing customer data such as previous buying and browsing behaviour, chatbots can offer more personalised product and service recommendations. According to data from Verint’s State of CX 2021 report, 58% of consumers today feel comfortable with interactions managed by bots, with 69% claiming they would be happy to use a bot if it improved their customer experience.


3. More Self Service Options

According to data from Harvard Business Review, 81% of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before contacting a live representative. Furthermore, research from Higher Logic shows that 79% of consumers expect organisations to provide self-service tools to help them find solutions without contacting customer support. It’s clear therefore that consumers want to resolve issues on their own and that makes self-service options critical. Help desks, FAQs, chatbots, user blogs and forums, and knowledge bases are all common self-service options that allow customers to resolve issues on their own time and in their own way. By providing more effective self-service options, companies are creating 24/7 support availability, reducing customer service costs, and increasing customer retention by putting the power to complete simple tasks and resolve minor problems into their hands.

4. Personalised Experiences

According to an Adobe Commerce survey, 67% of consumers say they want personalised offers based on their individual spending habits, whether they’re shopping online or in store. Simply put, customers want businesses to see and treat them as individuals with unique tastes, wants and needs. They want more personalised experiences that reflect their personalities and beliefs. Businesses who are able to meet this demand can look forward to increasing both customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


5. Data Privacy

While companies rely on data to create more personalised experiences for customers, customers are becoming increasingly concerned about data privacy. It’s a concern companies will have to address. Recent research by TELUS International, in partnership with Statista, revealed that business leaders ranked data privacy and protection as #2 in the top five digital CX trends in 2023. In the same survey, 49% of US respondents chose data security and transparency as the top quality they look for in a digital customer experience provider. 


5 Customer Experience Trends:

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